*The following accomplishments are in addition to our 5-Point Platform *
Education/Certification (Wessita McKinley-Founder):
   Human Focus Group Study/Social Behavior-Georgetown University  
   Family Development Credentialing – Cornell University, Ithaca NY
   Kressley Organizing Institute/One DC – Washington, DC
   HIV/AIDS Prevention Counseling Level I
   HIV/AIDS Prevention Counseling Level II
   Rapid HIV Testing
   Personalized Cognitive Counseling-University of California, San Francisco
   Master Trainer for Self-Esteem Seminars – Faith Institute of       
   Entrepreneurship, MD
   Master Trainer for Rites of Passage for Males – Faith Institute of 
   Entrepreneurship, MD
1) Girls Mentoring Program (Health, Hygiene, & Sex Education - Part 1)
2) Sponsored an Open Mic Nite in support of the 2012 National Black HIV/AIDS
    Awareness Day!
3) Implemented the Cuddle Me Program ~ To assist parents with children
    newborn to 3 years old by providing "Free" baby items such as: formula,
    diapers, baby wipes, clothing, car seats, booster seats, strollers....etc.
4) Girls Mentoring Program (Health, Hygiene, & Sex Education - Part 2)
5) Girls Mentoring Program (Financial Literacy)
6) Sponsored a Women's History program - "Many Women, One Voice" ~ a 
    documentary based on African-American women with HIV/AIDS
7) 2012 Sistas United Annual Prom Social
8) Prom Sponsorship for Males (Sistas United partnered with the Men's 
    Warehouse to cover the cost of a tuxedo rental, so that the young men
    can attend their prom)
1) Girls Mentor Group attended the United Nations Girl Up Pep Rally (DC)
2) Girls Mentor Group visited the Great Black Wax Museum (in
    Baltimore,  MD)
3) Girls Mentor Group Celebration of 2011 Women's History Month
    (Movie Day - "The  Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman)
4) Facilitate an All-Stars Program for Youth (all males - grades 6th-8th)
5) Sponsored the 2011 Prom Social (to assist young ladies with their prom 
    attire, "Free" dresses, shoes, purses, and accessories were given out)
6) Girls Mentor Group participated in the Sally H. Joseph HIV/AIDS 5k
    Fun Run
7) Co-Sponsored/Organized the 2011 Girl Power Expo
8) Took the All-Stars program participants to the Universoul Circus (all male 
    group - 6th thru 8th g rade)
9) Sponsored a "Teenage Domestic Violence" series for girls
10) Took the All-Stars program participants bowling (all male group - 6th thru 
      8th grade)  
11)  Sponsored the 2011 "Tools To ManHood" Program (an event dedicated
       to all males)
12)  Sponsored a Youth SAT Workshop (7 week program for students 9th -
       12th grade)
13)  Fed the homeless (partnered with Sunday Suppers & Hip Hop Education)
14)  Sponsored a Back-to-School Social ~ provided youth with school supplies
15)  Participated in the "2011 Autism Speaks Walk" ~ National Mall, DC
16)  Sponsored families in need for Thanksgiving ~ provided complete meals
17)  Sponsored college student for Thanksgiving ~ Provided food gift cards
18)  Made and sold Christmas wreaths (Sistas United Entreprenuer Program)
19)  Sponsored families in need for Christmas ~ provided food & toys
20)  Took the All-Stars program participants to a holiday movie (all male group -
       6th thru 8th grade)
21)  Took the All-Stars program participants to a Christmas dinner (all male
       group 6th thru 8th grade)  
1)  Co-Sponsored/Organized "Stuff a Truck for Haiti" Drive
2)  Co-Sponsored/Organized "I Love My Body Campaign" for Girls
3)  Co-Sponsored/Organized a Book Drive
4)  Sponsored/Organized a Coat Drive
5)  Sponsored/Organized a Clothing Drive
6)  Sponsored a Zumbathon Fundraiser for a local family in need
7)  Sponsored/Organized a Black History Program: "Bold Soul Sisters"
8)  Sponsored/Organized a Fundraiser for: "Haiti Medical Mission"
9)  Co-Sponsored a "Great Jeans Give-Away" for girls
10) Sponsored an outstanding high school student (SAT fees, Senior 
      Graduation Package, etc..)
11) Co-Sponsored a Community Easter Egg Hunt
12) Co-Sponsored/Organized a "Boys to Men Empowerment Day"
13) Co-Sponsored/Organized the "2010 Girl Power Expo" in DC
14) Received the "Courageous Award" (for community service)
15) Participated in the Annual Community Mega Health Fair
16) Co-Sponsored a "Night of Jazz - Tribute to Luther Vandross
      Earth/Wind/Fire/ & Stevie Wonder (checkout the weblink):
17) Co-Sponsored "Operation Teen Status Check", focused on educating 
      and testing Teens for HIV/AIDS - "Know Your Status"!
18)  Co-Sponsored CAFY (Community Advocate Family & Youth) very   
       first Community Day - "A Day of Healing & Reconciliation"
19) Co-Sponsored "Dress A Girl Around The World" - Dresses made out
      of pillow cases and sent to Ghana
20) Sponsored a "Women's Networking Breakfast"
21) Co-Sponsored an annual "Back-to-School Supplies Drive"
22) C0-Sponsored the 2010 "Young Women Empowerment Day"
23) Created & Implemented two weekly Support Groups: Returning  
      Citizens (ex-offenders) & Women HIV/AIDS+
24) Sponsored the "DC Million Woman March Reunion"
25) Co-Sponsored the "Annual Community Thanksgiving Banquet"
26) Co-Sponsored the 2010 World AIDS Day Social
26) Sponsored the Sistas United Mentoring Christmas Party
1) Assisted with the organization of the annual Martin Luther King, Jr.
     Peace Walk (Partnered with the various organizations such as: The
    Washington Informer – Denise Rolark-Barnes, I  Have a Dream
     Organization – Keith Silvers, The A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition, The
    Guardian A ngels, just to name a few)
2) Co-Sponsored/Organized a panel discussion for African-American men
     at Southeastern University in DC (Obama and the Black Man's Views)
3)  Sponsored Self-Esteem seminars (titled “Priceless”) for girls ages 6-18
     yrs. old
4)  Sponsored Financial Management Seminars for youth and adults
5)  Co-Sponsored the “2009 Youth Leadership March” held in DC
6)  Partnered with East of the River Clergy in DC, Community 
     Partnership (Gang and Violence Intervention and Prevention)
7)  Sponsored a Mother’s Day Spa Basket Raffle/Fundraiser
8)  Supported and starring in the production of the upcoming mini-series:
     “Laws of the Street”, website: (supporting 
     the  Arts/Culture)
9)  Created and operate a Job and Education Preparation Program for
      young adults and adults (ages 16 and older – male & female), in
      Benning Terrace, Southeast DC.
10) Co-Sponsored the annual Back-to-School Festival in Benning Terrace,
      Washington, DC
11) Co-Sponsored the implementation of the CAPS Program (Community
      Awareness Projects and Services), a community service/volunteer
      program endorsed by President Obama
12) Co-Sponsored the 2nd Annual Young Women of Color Conference at
      Southern Maryland Community College (There were approximately
      300 girls that attend)
      Refer to website:
13) Co-Sponsored a Sock Drive for the homeless, held in Forestville
14)  Co-Sponsored the military Adopt-A-Platoon Program, in which we
       send a monthly care package (men and women) 
15) Created and implemented a weekly Support and Rap Session. This  
       program deals with everyday life issues and challenges. 
      Note: This program is operated via a mass conference call where 
       people all over the country can dial in every Thursday, from 7:30pm
       – 8:30pm (EST).
16) Sponsored an Appreciation/Fellowship Dinner for the participants of
       the Job and Education Preparation Program, Benning Terrace, DC
17) Co-Sponsored the “Sunday Supper ” program in which we prepare
       meals and go out into the streets and feed the homeless and those in  
18)   Hosted a health presentation "Childhood Obesity Prevention"
19)   Co-Sponsored a "Community Thanksgiving Banquet" (400 people)
20)   Co-Sponsored an event for "2009 World AIDS Day", where we 
        educated the public, distributed written information, and gave out
        Red Ribbons.
21)   Sponsored a winter coat drive
1)  Assisted with the organization of the annual Martin Luther King, Jr.
     Peace Walk (Partnered with the various organizations such as: The
     Washington Informer – Denise Rolark-Barnes, I  Have a Dream
     Organization – Keith Silvers, The A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition, The
     Guardian Angels, just to name a few)
2)  Collaborated with the organization of the Martin Luther King, Jr.
      Peace Walk Rally (Held at Johnson Memorial Baptist Church)
3)  Sponsored a Domestic Violence program (Held at Johnson Memorial
     Baptist Church)
4)  Created and Implemented an All-Girls Mentoring Program in the
     Benning Terrace area of Southeast, DC
5)  Partnered with M.O.M.S and Protest Easy Guns, lobbying Congress to
     implement tougher gun laws (Participated in a lie-in in front of the
     Supreme Court and the Capitol, in Washington, DC)
6)  Sponsored a Mother’s Day Spa Basket Raffle/Fundraiser
7)  Sponsored senior high school students (in need), to their senior prom 
8)  Participated with M.O.M.S and the Victims of Homicide Coalition at a
     Mother’s Day Brunch (Honoring mother’s who have lost children to
     gun violence)
9)  Partnered with East of the River Clergy, Community Partnership
      (Project NIA – Mentoring with a Purpose)
10) Supported and starring in the production of the upcoming mini-series:
      “Laws of the Street”, website:
11) Assisted/Promoted the Stage Play “Laws of the Street” at the
       Kennedy Center, DC
12)  Sponsored a “Thank You/Appreciation” gathering for the cast
        members of “Laws of the Street”
13)  Assisted with the organization of the “2008 Black L.U.V. Festival”,
14)  Created and operated a summer program for the female youth in
       Benning Terrace, Southeast DC. (Note: A grant was awarded to
       operate this program)
15)  Organized and promoted the Historical “Walk for Change”
       Walk/Rally in DC
16)  Host a “Self-Image” Workshop for girls 7– 14 yrs in Benning Terrace
       (Ward 7 – DC)
17)  Held a Voter Registration Drive for Maryland Residents 
1) Assisted Fire Victims in Greenbelt, Maryland
2) Sponsored Seniors In Need To The Prom
3) Collected/Distributed Fully Equipped Book Bags for Children (all ages)
4) Sponsored a Fundraiser to Atlantic City
5) Became Officially Certified as Voter Registrants for the State of MD, 
     whereby legally able to register any Maryland resident to vote and
     make modifications to existing voters (Tawanta & Wessita)
6)  Organized The DC Jena 6 Rally
7)  Spoke At The Capitol For The Jena 6 Rally
8)  Organized the DC Jena 6 Follow-up Rally
9)  Sponsored the “Make A Difference Day” – Benning Terrace Area, DC
10) Purchased Share Packages From The Church To Give To Families In
       Need  For The Thanksgiving Holiday
11) Sponsored a Coat Drive
12) Assisted with the organization of the “March Against Hate Crimes” –
13) Provided Security at the “March Against Hate Crimes”
14) Assisted With The Organization of the “March Against Hate Crimes
      & Police Brutality” – Sponsored by the Hip-Hop Caucus
15)  Spoke At The Washington Monument For The “March Against
       Hate Cri imes & Police Brutality” – Sponsored by the Hip-Hop Caucus
16)  Made A Guest Appearance on The International TV Show –
       "American Dream"
17) Teamed Up With The Organization M.O.M.S, Inc. and supported a
      Christmas Party Children/Survivors of Homicides (giving out food & 
18)  Sponsored a Jacket & Boot Drive 
19)  Currently organizing the “DC Peace Walk” and the “National Day of
       Peace -Cease the Killings”, in celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.
       Birthday (January 21, 2008)
20)  A guest on WPFW 89.3 FM – Voices with Vision (Black Dolls Issue)